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Vickie Sides

Director for Education and Outreach
Office for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Support
Assistant Dean of Students in the University


Vickie is responsible for administering the activities and workshops out of the Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) program center, including supervising a team of undergraduate and graduate students who provide workshops and programs for the student community and registered student organizations. She manages the ongoing development of comprehensive student-focused prevention, education, and training programs, and implements consent education programs for students upon request and/or at the request of others. She provides consultation with campus partners on policy and program development related to sexual and relationship violence, and works collaboratively with campus partners in leading evidence-based prevention activities institution-wide, including bystander interventions, socioecological models of prevention, workshops, community programs, and awareness campaigns. Vickie is also an active member of the Student Emergency Response Systems, including the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call, Dean-on-Call, and Bias Education Support Team.

Vickie has spent the past 20 years working in movements to eliminate power-based violence and oppression. She is dedicated to using education to advance an understanding of the connections between inequality and violence as central to that work. In her previous role as Director of Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention, Vickie used education, awareness and activism in service to preventing interpersonal harm and creating a safer campus community. In particular, RSVP’s educational approaches continue to be informed by current data trends and proven best practices for primary prevention.

Vickie is the past Associate Director of the Center for Racial Justice and Activism at YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, where she also served as the founding coordinator of the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline during her 12-year tenure with the agency. Additionally, she has worked as a consultant on community health initiatives and as part of a national Interfaith Colloquium, whose work is to create sexually safer congregations for religious communities across the country. She is also an Adjunct instructor at National-Louis University.

Vickie received her Bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University in Psychology, and received her Master’s degree from DePaul University in Social and Cultural Studies in Education/Human Development.