Campus Safety Analysis

In reviewing information related to a report of sexual misconduct, the University of Chicago determines if interim measures are warranted to stop, prevent and remedy the effects of any alleged misconduct and evaluates, with campus partners, whether there is a broader threat to campus safety. In conducting this assessment, the Title IX Coordinator(s) within the Office for Equal Opportunity Programs review the information reported (including the name of the alleged perpetrator, location of the incident, and the nature of the incident itself) to determine if there is a reported pattern of behavior; determines if any information has been reported to UCPD and whether the alleged perpetrator has been a respondent in any disciplinary process; and evaluates whether the incident as reported itself could constitute a campus safety threat.

In some instances, the Title IX Coordinator(s) may need to move forward with an investigation or other protective measure based on this review, in which case the individual(s) who made the report will be notified.

Additionally, the Title IX Coordinator(s) are also considered Campus Security Authorities under the Clery Act, and therefore must notify UCPD of any Clery Act crime that occurred on or within Clery Act locations to review for timely security alerts. Decisions regarding whether to issue a timely security alert are made on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Vice President for Safety and Security (or designee), taking into account the nature and location of the crime, and whether there is a continuing threat to the campus community.