Accessible Event Resource Guide Checklist

Our Approach

To access this checklist in PDF format, please use the following link: Accessible Events Checklist

The Office for Access and Equity (“OAE”) in the University of Chicago Office of the Provost’s Equal Opportunity Programs supports the full participation of all members of the University community in the life of the University. University events, meetings, or programs on- and off-campus are a key part of University life. The University, through OAE and other campus partners, is committed to planning accessible events and providing reasonable accommodations to support access for individuals with disabilities. By supporting the full participation of all members of the University community, including persons with disabilities, the University provides all members of its community with the opportunity to teach, work, learn, and interact in an inclusive environment.

In making access a key tenet in event planning,
you make a commitment to making your event inclusive and welcoming to all attendees.

Event Planner’s Checklist

Before the Event

  • Budget for event access
  • Select a location that is accessible and supports other reasonable accommodations, considering
    • Parking and drop off areas
    • Entrance
    • Accessible routes
    • Room space and layout, including seating, lighting, acoustics, presentation area
    • Restrooms and drinking fountains
  • Include information regarding accessibility and a statement of accommodation on all communications regarding the event
  • Prepare for requested accommodations, including, e.g., scheduling ASL interpreters and/or CART captioners (if requested or otherwise appropriate)
  • Provide assistive listening devices, if sound amplified
  • Caption video and audio content
  • Train event staff regarding accessibility and inclusion
  • Share handouts in advance electronically, if appropriate
  • In addition, if the event is in a remote environment:
    • Enable accessibility features of the remote hosting platform
    • Assign appropriate roles for the meeting
    • Enable captions for any video content to be shared

During the Event

  • Designate a person (or if remote, co-host) responsible for access and accommodations at the event
  • Identify the entrance, exit, and paths of travel with clear signage
  • Host a technology check with the speakers, co-hosts, sign language interpreters, and/or captioners
  • Remind speakers to use a microphone and to read chats (or repeat comments made by in-person attendees) aloud
  • Announce any accessibility features available to attendees and how to use them
  • Make presented content accessible, e.g.,
    • Provide information to attendees on how to access assistive listening devices (if available)
    • Request that presenters and other speakers use a microphone
    • Enable captions for audio/ video content
    • Make materials and handouts available in accessible formats

After the Event

  • Include questions about access on evaluations or assessments
  • Reflect on any accessibility-related issues
  • Consider sharing feedback with the venue


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